About Us

Pacific Med Tech was established in March 2020 after its founders Janette Searle and Larissa Michelsen returned from a scoping trip in the Pacific. It was there that they saw that the biomedical engineering teams they were working were skilled, passionate and highly overworked. Their often small teams were responsible for servicing all hospitals and health clinics in their country. This is significant because often those health clinics were spread across a number of islands and more significantly those islands were spread across hundreds of difficult to access kilometres. Continuously faced with the urgent present, the biomedical engineering teams didn’t have the capacity to introduce the systems and processes that would help ease some of the congestion.

Larissa and Janette came home to New Zealand, and over many coffees (and sometimes gins) hatched plan. If they could help build capacity and work alongside these highly capable biomedical engineering teams, it may provide the space in their working week to build the team, work flow and management systems they want.

The outcome? Pacific Med Tech, which provides capacity building solutions through:

  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Interns to work in the Pacific alongside biomedical engineering teams
  • Access to expertise in New Zealand.

Troubleshooting guides

These are aimed at the clinical staff in health clinics. They are guides that explain not only how to use equipment, but how to do basic maintenance, and trouble shoot before calling in the biomedical engineering team. They are designed to be easily accessible, downloadable, and can be understood by almost anyone.

The aim of these is to arm the nurses and nurse aides with information that will enable to look after the equipment they have onsite, and always be able to use it appropriately and effectively, whether they are new to the health clinic or have been there for decades.